How would you like the chance to win money to spend at Browns, or fuel to fill up your car from J Micallef Service Stations – or maybe both?
If you’re spotted with a Bay Easy sticker in your car everyone will know that you listen to Malta’s fastest growing radio station.
And if we spot YOU then €50 to spend at Browns or J Micallef Service Station could be yours!
Here’s what you need to do…
Next time you’re at Browns or J Micallef Service Stations, pick up a free Bay Easy car sticker.
Stick it in your car and take a picture of it along with your registration number.
Send the picture and your name to 9909 1002.
Pierre Cordina will be reading out a registration number every day on Bay Easy Breakfast. If it’s yours, you’ll have 30 minutes to Whatsapp and confirm your name.
If you Whatsapp in time, €50 to spend at Browns or J Micallef will be yours.
And the prize rolls over so you could win even more!
Make sure you get that sticker in your car today!
Then keep listening to Bay Easy 100.2 to be a winner with Browns and J Micallef Service Stations.